Misty – Backing Track


Jay Metcalf of Better Sax plays the classic jazz standard “Misty” over one of our backing tracks.

One of the most beloved ballads in modern music, this Erroll Garner backing track is set to a comfortable ballad tempo of 56 bpm. The instrumentation is piano, bass and drums.

The 2 most commonly used keys are available Eb and Ab. These will work very well for most male and female vocalists.

Jay is playing on a Yanagisawa bari sax and the mouthpiece is a Jody Jazz HR*. The microphone is a Coles 4038 ribbon. “Misty” is included in the Essential Jazz Repertoire Vol. 1 Collection of 10 tracks.

Essential Jazz Repertoire Vol. 1 – Backing Track Collection

Essential Jazz Repertoire vol 1 Better Trax

These are some of the most essential jazz tunes. With these backing tracks, you have a solid set of material covered. Instrumentalists and vocalists will find these play along recordings fun to perform and practice. Many of the tunes come in multiple keys to accommodate male and female singers. There are also longer versions of some of the songs with extra solo choruses for stretching out.

There are 26 different tracks included in this collection with all the alternate versions.

Individual instrument stems are also provided for those who want to customize their recordings.

Tracks Include:

All of Me

Autumn Leaves

Blue Bossa

The Girl From Ipanema

In a Sentimental Mood


Song For My Father


Take the A Train

There Will Never Be Another You

All tracks are provided in high quality mp3 format along with lead sheet chord charts (melodies not included) pdfs (concert, Bb and Eb transpositions) and iReal Pro playlist.

4 thoughts on “Misty – Backing Track”

  1. Hi Jay,
    as a sax player with only 2 years of experience with tenor and bari I hoped to get also the notes for the jazz compositions.
    I’m not yet able to work only with the lead sheets.
    So where can I get those notes of the various pieces?
    BTW: I like your play of Misty on bari !!
    kind regards,

    1. Thanks, we don’t provide the sheet music for the melodies, only the chord progressions. This is due to copyright restrictions. An internet search will give you countless results for finding the melodies written out though.

  2. That’s Jay!
    My wife used to sing jazz professionally, so she knows these songs quite well. You both are an encouragement to practice my sax and bass guitar more often and efficiently. Once recommendation… If you could include in your download links, one which would include all of the content purchased at once. That would save time on our end, instead of having to download everything one at at time.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I have done this for the bundles. Now the first download is just the backing tracks all together along with the iReal Pro setlist.

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