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Welcome to Better Trax my name is Jay Metcalf, you may know me from my other YouTube channel and website BetterSax.

I created this backing track website to provide quality backing tracks that can be used in performance and practice situations.

You know that backing tracks are an essential tool when it comes to learning songs and practicing improvisation but increasingly they are also being used in performances.

One common problem with backing tracks is that they are locked in one key and won’t work for all vocal ranges. These play along tracks come in multiple keys to accommodate male and female vocalists or for instrumentalists who want alternative tonalities.

Each backing track comes with PDF lead sheets transposed for all instruments so you’ll know exactly what chords are being played.

Another feature here on Better Trax is that we provide the stems for each instrument. That means you can load the individual instrument tracks into a DAW to make your own custom arrangements. For instance, if you play piano, you can remove the piano part and play your own along with the provided bass and drums. Or you can add other tracks to the arrangement and make your own mix.

When you purchase one of our tracks, you are actually purchasing a lifetime license for your own personal or professional purposes. So you’re welcome to use the tracks on gigs, recordings, and posting to social media.

Be sure to follow BetterTrax on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube channel where we’ll be uploading samples and performances featuring our backing tracks.

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