Tangerine – Tenor Sax Solo by Kirill Poudavoff


Our backing track version of the popular jazz standard Tangerine is a medium-up tempo swing at 200 bpm.

The music was written by Victor Schertzinger, the lyrics by Johnny Merce

Recorded on Hammond organ and drum kit, this play along track is provided in two popular keys F and Bb.

Tangerine is part of the Essential Jazz Repertoire volume 4 collection.

This Backing Track includes:
High quality MP3 file backing track
PDF files for chord lead sheets (Concert Eb and Bb transpositions)
iReal Pro chord chart playlist

Essential Jazz Repetoire Vol. 4

Download this special edition of Essential Jazz Standards.

Volume 4 has been recorded with Hammond B3 organ rather than piano and bass. Now you can have your own groovy organ trio.

You can mix these tracks up with any of the tracks from Essential Jazz Repertoire Volumes 1, 2 and 3 to create customized sets and playlists for live performances, practice sessions and recordings.

Songs Included

All tracks are provided in high quality mp3 format along with lead sheet chord charts (melodies not included) pdfs (concert, Bb and Eb transpositions) and iReal Pro playlist.

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